Green Airports

Hangzhou Airport Competition   Design Architect Koch & Partner, Munich, Airport Consultant Gabor Richter, Baden-Baden

Why Green Airports?

A lot of effort is being invested into aircraft improvement: Aircraft are constantly being improved to save fuel and make travelling more comfortable, but airports are not.

Unfortunately, Airports are not being developed with the same focus. The main tendency to be observed worldwide is traffic concentration. It seems like the more parallel runways -the better. Some developments even have high rise building grouped around the airports – the professional term being -obstacles- !

Today, airport development is mostly following the –backward– credo: – the larger, – the better.


Our Green Airports approach is focused more on sustainability and smooth operation:
Green Airports are dedicated to making airports and air travel more fuel efficient –and of course in the making, through smaller airports and shorter waysides more comfortable, too.

Green Airports begin with how we need to instruct aircraft on the ground and in the air. How aircraft move efficiently without having to waste resources in waiting patterns. And how air traffic can be managed to allow direct –fuel efficient–approaches.

But there are many other sustainability aspects to an airport, too, –such as access to the airport for passengers, crews and goods being delivered into the airport –and of course their dissipation to the neighboring cities. But of course also in feeding the airport terminals and buildings with supplies and their evacuation routes.

Another most important issue is Energy.
Starting with correct shading, ingenious usage of spaces and environmentally friendly energy supply. Solarthermal Power for heating and direct solar cooling -partially integrated into the terminal buildings to shade amongst many other solutions.

Solution Areas in our focus are:

  • Concerted Inflight patterns
  • Tuned Approach patterns
  • Landing Phase – fast ground roll
  • Optimized ground roll -just in time start-up etc.
  • Tuned Departure sequencing
  • Efficient Take-off patterns
  • Parking Positions, reduced pushback options
  • Efficient Terminals
  • Access to airport land side
  • CSP Power Supply Aspects
    • Solar Shading
    • Solar Cooling
    • Solar Heating
    • Electric back-up power supply


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