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Compostable and totally Bio-degradable Plastics

We are constantly continuing to contaminate our planet with our short-term thinking. The 20th Century exploited the benefits of plastics as light weight, functional materials to transport our domestic and industrial products at the expense of waste and waste management.  In 21st Century we now see the results with millions of metric tonnes floating in our oceans, incapable of being organically broken down.

Effectively, we have produced our own Plastic Age**, but remedies to the problem are increasingly available: Whilst Petro-chems are opting to push recycling, this doen’t suit every application. Replacements for the recycled-plastics industries with excellent mechanical and environmental properties are Bio-Polymer Plastics – one of the most important key technologies for the future.

As it has been recently reported in Europe, the bio-economy is to be worth more than €2.2 Trillion with Asia again on the overtake.  Bioplastics traditionally have used fossil fuels as source, but starches such as corn & tapioca and seaweed can also be used as a suitable resource for biopolymers.

Nature Star®, as the brand of Natural Polymers APAC Pte Ltd suggests, uses natural organic ingredients to produce a polymer that behaves very similar to normal plastic but is completely safe for the environment.  The product has been certified to EN13432, ASTM6400 & AS4736 and their management team have been advising the Malaysian Government on their road map to banning plastics and replace where possible with compostable resins.  This road map was adopted and published in Q4/ 2018.  Nature Star has now been adapted for straws, cutlery, cups, trays, cotton buds and sanitary wear etc. O² and H²O barrier properties have also been developed, making an impressive alternative to plastics.

Conversion costs of standard production lines are low, featuring only short changeover times. By efficient processes and the feasibility for direct substitution the products will be able to compete directly, whilst lower energy with the carbon source from plants results in the carbon footprint being mare favorable, too.

We at TurnKey Innovations are convinced that  this breakthrough technology has the potential to fully replace the existing PE/PP-plastic products on a global scale.

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