Concentrated Solar Power

TurnKey Innovations Concentrated Solar Power

It makes most sense to make use of the energy available directly wherever possible; Meaning: use the sun’s heat directly without the detour through conversion to electricity (conversion losses appr. 75%)  and heat your domestic water or household or industrial process directly.

In variance to Photo-Voltaic (PV) Systems, whose main drawback is dramatically reduced efficiency at hot surface temperatures above 60°C (140F), –Solarthermal systems are made for hot temperatures up  to 450°C (850F) , so even for many  industrial applications !

Solarthermal:  –the hotter,  – the better!    


Next, there are  Direct Cooling Technologies.

In a nutshell these systems make use of the harvested heat energy directly to separate a chemical system. Which, reunited, drains lots of heat to change phase back again  – thus cooling the to-be cooled air or water stream.

It’s quite astonishing how well these thermal cooling systems; -dephlegmators- actually work!


Last but not least:


Of course CSP plants can also produce Electricity through powering a steam turbine-genset. With temperature ranges available from CSP systems so-called dry steam can be fed into existing Rankine power station cycles.

For back-up at night, especially biomass or simply LNG can be employedor combinations of these with large thermal hot water reservoirs. In general, different options may be ingenious, dependant on location, usage type and prime energy costs on site.

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