TurnKey Innovations Robot Applications

We promote use of out-phased and retired robots for economical use in production, -mainly for two reasons:
Economy and Sustainability of the units already produced.

Whilst new robots are required for heavy duty operations with low cycle times, retired equipment has the capability to solve handling and assembly tasks in a very economical way. Many tasks do not require the precision new robots have. One has to read the technical data with focus on necessity and can ingeniously select tasks which do not necessarily require tenth of a millimeter precision. Many of these tasks can easily be handled by out-phased equipment. Since robot manufacturers place high concentration to precision, speed and -above all- reliability, especially the latter comes to serve in outphased equipment: They remain to be reliable!

Robots make sense especially in the following applications:

  • Repetitive Actions
  • High Precision Cutting
  • Repetitive Precision
  • Heavy Duty Handling
  • Harsh Environment

..required especially in inhuman work environments such as

  • welding
  • de-burring
  • cutting
  • stacking
  • painting
  • and many others…

Contact us with your special requirements. We shall work out an ingenious application and programming of robots with special tools for your application.

contact: Robotics (a tt) Turnkey-Innovations (do tt) com