Earthquake Protection Systems

Earthquake Protection Systems

The famous  San Andreas Fault Line  has been building tension which will result in a major series of earthquakes sooner or later and since a major earthquake is overdue by historic measure, it is unfortunately more –sooner– than later.

We at Turnkey Bracing Systems have designed some ingenious and also most cost-effective bracing solutions, which by their design secure residential buildings agains Earthquakes!

In a nutshell this achieved by simply tying major building components together and fixing them to the ground by heavy duty ground anchors. Of course a few engineering facts need to be respected, such as even load distribution etc., but the systems generally are quite simple!

The good news is: These Systems also protect your property against freak storms.By the same principle, the building is secured to the ground. Semi-automated TKB window shades protect your windows and glass- from flying debris stirred up by storm outbursts.

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