Being innovative does not only mean inventing new things. Innovation mostly means adapting  Innovations to new fields of application. It can mean for instance, emphasizing environmental issues instead of wasting resources to “clean out the mess” later.

Current prominent example is the situation in the Caribbean:
Making use of fossil fuels, such as coal and crude oil through the greenhouse effect leads to a rise in surface temperature in some vital areas of the planet. This leads to an increase of the severity of storms, devastating the least protected areas on the globe, such as the islands in the storms paths.


TurnKey-Innovations is focused on adapting Innovations and innovative technologies to new fields of employment. Such as Solarthermal Power to Industries, Hospitality Industry, Airports, Saltwater Desalination,… ..in short, places where the advantages of the most recent developments are not known and therefore not taken into account, mostly because “it has always been done like that!”

Innovations we propagate result from inventions which can be employed in the current state to solve current problems. One such example is a network of Bioplastic research and industries, the other Stormprotection systems. (Which again brings us back to the Caribbean.)


It is our aim as TurnKey-Innovations to get these very powerful inventions into operation as soon as possible following (again, an adaption) of Victor Hugo’s famous proverb:

There is nothing as powerful as a Technology whose time has come!