Storm Protection Systems

In the past years a drastical increase of hurricane– and tornado activities with increasing magnitudes can be whitnessed. This summer 2017 alone, 5 magnitude 4-5 hurricanes have swept over and devastated the Carribean and the Florida coast.

Headlines read:    Barbuda is a wasteland. Dominica is devastated. Puerto Rico has no power. Hurricanes have come and gone, but the 2017 season has seen a new category of psychic storm.

To cope with nature’s menaces, Turnkey Innovations Bracing Systems has developed a reinforcement system, which has a simple working strategy:

It simply ties the opposed components  of a building together in such a way that the house somewhat becomes a somewhat rigid, but still slightly flexible  Monocoque (= a one piece shell).  This is very advantageous compared to a contemporary house, which, basically being an agglomeration of single parts tied together by bolts, latches and angles, succumbs to external forces domino-like:  -at its weakest point first!

In essence, our system basically acts like an envelope over the whole building. Through even application of an internal tension, the bracing tension leads to positive pressure being exerted on the structure; – avoiding traction forces, which in mechanics are the most destructive, wherever possible. The building is tensioned in such a way that an action on the far end results in contra-forces diagonally. In order to withstand wind forces, of course the roof needs to be firmly and evenly attached to the very cross members tied-down by our system, else the roof or parts of it will peel off and fly away from the otherwise sturdy structure underneath.


Our systems will withstand almost any forces, earthquake tremors and trembling just the same as the suction and pressure forces of a tornado – since it makes the building stand as ONE UNIT, – Monocoque! The fact that this Monocoque is firmly tied-down, too, results in the excellent bracing capabilities.

Other semi-automated TKB systems such as special electric motor blinds effectively protect your property, -especially windows and glass- from flying debris stirred up by storm outbursts.

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